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Adding Color To Your Website

You may remember I was recently talking about how beliefs are at the core of conflicts, yet those beliefs are designed upon less-than-complete information. What is considered is not all there is – there’s always something better. Yet we try to explain what we think we know by constructing complex belief systems around them, and

Straight People Can Start Too

In this installment of my A few Found on youtube series, I bring the Epic Beard Man. This thing his hotter than the sun right ! A quick summary would go something this, older guy beats up younger guy. Older guy now a hero, but wait there is a bit more. Dove’s parent company also

Straight People Can Start Too

What’s uncertain is ways to fix this mess. There is always a flurry of brand new proposals that never discover a method to work. Unfortunately, these proposals continue a tradition started by John Dewey almost a century ago. Dewey wanted schools and teachers to concentrate on HOW to teach, not WHAT to educate. As a